I won’t try to tell you that making ‘A’s is easy, but let me assure you that it is simple. Anyone can be an A student. Seriously, anyone. You just need to know what to do and put in the effort. My 4 tips below will help equip you to ace any and every assignment.

  1. Read the instructions. This really should go without saying, but I am constantly surprised at how many people fail to do this. If you are writing an essay, read the prompt. Then make your number one goal answering the prompt. If you are doing a project read the rubric. Make your number one goal achieving every task on the rubric. Whatever instructions you are given for whatever assignment – Follow. Every. Aspect. Get the idea? You can put together flawless work, but if you haven’t completed all aspects of the task you are going to end up with a lower grade than someone who did lower quality work but followed all of the instructions.
  2. Set aside planning time. Lots of people will tell you that the best thing you can do is to start working on your assignment as soon as possible. However, a bit of procrastination can be used to your advantage if you know how to do it effectively. Instead of starting your work immediately, read over everything immediately and then don’t touch it for a little while. Allow yourself to develop different ideas and approaches to the assignment so that your work will be of the highest quality as soon as you start. Just make sure you don’t allot too much time to planning and then run out of time to complete the assignment.
  3. Set an early due date for yourself. I know I just said that a little bit of procrastination wouldn’t hurt you, but that doesn’t mean you can wait until the last minute. Always aim to finish your assignment at least a day early. This is important because things don’t always go the way we plan. If it’s the night before your assignment is due and you suddenly realize that you don’t have all of the materials you need or that your printer isn’t working or that you don’t know how to log in to an online resource you need, you can pretty much kiss your ‘A’ good bye. Setting an early due date for yourself creates cushion time for emergencies AND helps eliminate stress.
  4. Make it presentable. Your teacher will be more likely to give you a good grade if it simply appears to be quality work. This means keeping things neat, pleasing to the eye, and free of minor errors. CHECK GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. Even if your teacher doesn’t count off for it, bad grammar and spelling will make your assignment seem like lower quality work, and will probably be graded as such.