Hi! I’m Alicia, the blogger behind La Vie En Lavender. I started this blog using Bluehost (you can set up your own using my affiliate link here) in order to write about my college experience, healthy living, fashion and beauty, and a whole lot more. I’m an environmental science major in San Diego, and I aspire to get my PhD and become a biodiversity researcher. You may see some of my posts inspired by my passion for nature, and you will definitely see posts inspired by my academic goals. All in all, this blog will be a reflection of my goals and ideals for how I live. Some things I love include adventure, people, the color green, the smell of lavender, breakfast food, and most importantly, Jesus! It’s also relevant that I take French. If you don’t understand the blog’s name, you must not be familiar with French ICON Edith Piaf and her song La Vie En Rose (which translates to life in pink). The name is a play on that and my love of lavender, which is not only a great color and scent, but also, believe it or not, an incredible ice cream flavor. I suppose that’s all you’ll need to know about me for now. You’ll get to know me more through the content I write, and if you like it you can follow me on Pinterest and/or subscribe to e-mail notifications to stay updated when I post!